Monday, November 3, 2008

I've moved!

I was gifted with an awesome new blog today, so I've moved on over to here! : (omg she made the link say "skwerlicious!" LOLOL!)

Come check it out, I am so in love with it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All aboard the blog train!

To Celebrate the opening of Studio Ellie at Scrapbookgraphics today, Monica and Ellie have made a new collab together called Bubblicious!elash_mgl_bubblicious

Both Monica and Ellie's CTs have joined forces to make you all some rockin' Quick Pages from Bubblicious!  Each one of us will be bringing you our page, and linking you to the next stop on the train ride WOOO WOOO!  Before I give you mine, I want to remind you all that Studio mgl is still 50% off, and with ONLY a $15 purchase you get the amazing kit Strange Days FOR FREE!mglDSDad600 

Isn't that an offer you can't refuse LOL?!  Studio Flergs is 50% off her entire store all weekend,Flergs DSD

and  Studio Ellie is also having a 50% off sale all weekend in celebration of it's opening.elash_dsdsale_600

Today also marks the Grand Opening of Studio Ziska!!!  studio ziska

Wheeeeee!!  I'm SO excited about that!  As you can see, her new store will also be 50% off Sat and Sun!!  If you're as big of a fan of Ziska's designs as I am, you might want her new fan blinkie to sport!  I made this using her new collab with Megs, aka Studio Flergs called Sugar Rush!

Alright, since I'm throwing out reminders, don't forget that Sugarplum Paperie celebrates it's 1 year anniversary today with a ginormous sale so get over there and shop til ya drop!anniversary_sale

Last but definitely not least, Kim's still having her Birthday Bash and has 2 amazing Grab Bags for you to choose from during the bash LOL!  You can choose to buy the bundle and when you do, not only do you get a discount... you get a 30 page Brag Book made by her CT FOR FREE!  Awesome huh!?!Kim Bundle 

Ok, NOW it's time for your Blog Train FREEBIE!  Here's a Quick Page made by yours truly.  Click on the pic to go and grab it!

Hope you enjoy the page as much as we did putting this all together for you!  What a blast!  Big thanks to Melanie though, it was all her idea ;)  Next up on your train ride is Teri's Blog!  Run on over and check out what she's got for you!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

ETA:  I wanted to go ahead and post ALL of the blog links that are participating in the train, just in case you get stuck along the way.

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary Nicole and Sugarplum Paperie!!!!

WHEEEEE!!!  1 YEAR!!!!  Join Nicole over at the Sugarplum shop and celebrate Sugarplum Paperie's 1 year anniversary!   anniversary_sale

This sale is HUGE and is for SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1ST ONLY!  Don't get it confused with all the other sales for DSD this weekend, I would hate for you to miss out on all of the goodies and fun Nicole has planned!  I thought I would get you all pumped up by showing you some of her gorgeous work, and some past LOs I had made before I started blogging :)  Sound good?  Alright, let's go!

This is one of my fav LOs, AND one of my fav kits!  It's called Grasshopper Kisses and is a collab from Nicole and Megs:Flergs_Nicole_GK_Kit_600


I just love that one, and it surprises me that it was one of my early ones and I still like it LOL!  When I was grabbing it I saw another one I made with Grasshopper Kisses that I love too, so here's more for ya LOL!1-Year-Later

Such a peanut!!!  Now even looking at that she's so tiny in latest picture compared to now!  She really just is ginormous LOL!

My next kit to show off and make you drool over is Flirty Skirty!  Can you see a trend with my choice in colors here?! 

Isn't it gorgeous?!?!  Here's my LO, it's one of my all time favorites!19mos

Oh how that smile OWNS ME!  I love her so much!  Ok, so what else can I show you?!  Are you all excited yet??  Tomorrow will be here soon!  OH!  Paper Garden!  I LOVE that kit, it's a collab from Nicole and Ziska!  Here's a preview:_preview

So beautiful, here's a taste of what's inside!Kisses

So I've shown off a few kits, but there's so much more in the shop than just full kits!  I love her element packs, and I LOVE HER ALPHAS!  Nicole rocks at alphas LOL!  I think I've already shown off most of my LOs using them though LOL.  That's how much I like 'em... post them the minute they're done :D  I have another of my favorite LOs though, that is just a smorgasbord of SPP goodies LOL.  It is linked to my gallery if you want to get full credits... just in case you see anything you have to have on it!Daydreamer

One thing I noticed I goofed on in the credits though... the background paper is from Flirty Skirty, not Film Noir!  Woopsie!  Ok, well I think I've shown you enough to get your heart racing for tomorrow LOL!  I hope this helped get you psyched for the sale, you really don't want to miss it!!  WOO HOO!    

Who's ready for DSD SALES?!?!

Well it's 7:20am and I STILL haven't gone to bed yet... so I figured I better give you a heads up on some HUGE sales this weekend because I'm bound to be a zombie for the rest of it LOLOL!  I don't know what in the world is going on with Goo, but she just wouldn't sleep!  If you put her in bed she instantly jumps up and starts screaming.  On occasion she's falling asleep in either mine or Mark's arms... but for the most part she's raising Hell as LOUD as she can!!!  Luckily she's also doing it as happy as she can LOL.  It's hard to get too frustrated when she's on cloud 9 and just so damn funny!  I love that big GIANT wide toothy smile I see go whizzing by me as she runs around like a dog that was just let into a warm house after having to hang out in the cold outdoors LOL!  I don't have a clue what I'm trying to say, I'm so tired!  Growing up my Mom would call the dog thing "crazy foolin'" because we had this insane poodle that would just run like crazy all over the place whenever you'd let him back in.  So funny... but probably just to me LOL!  Ok, rambling!  I have to get this done before it's time to get Izzy up for school :D  I've already told you about Kim's big big BIRTHDAY BASH sale this week... and Ziska's got some HUGE NEWS too, but I don't think I'm allowed to tell you all yet!  EEk! I'll have to find out, I'm SO EXCITED FOR HER!

Then we've got Megs and Monica with some amazing sales that I KNOW YOU WANT TO GET TO!!!  Am I right?!  Check this out!

Flergs DSD

not only is the store half off, but she's got a BRAND NEW kit that just went in store today!  It's a killer collab with Ziska, and OMG next to Evilicious... it's one of my favorites!

Sugar Rush 

Look a little closer at the packaging, and you just might be able to guess Ziska's big news!  LOL, I just realized if this is in Megs' store... it can't be all that big of a secret anymore huh?!

Here's a couple LOs I made with Sugar Rush!Just-loungin


LOVE THIS KIT!!  LOL... in case I hadn't mentioned it yet :D


Monica's sale is going on a little like this:mglDSDad600


I dove into this kit in a scary way LOL... 10 LOs all in my head and spewed forth into an unexpected Photoshop!  LOL, I did manage to finish ONE of those bwahahahah!  Get out your shades... this one will blind ya LOL!Gabba-Hog

Told ya!  She is such a hog of those toys too btw... just to give you an FYI about the title there.  She LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba!  So does Izzy though... and one day we were at Target and they each were allowed to pick one of the toys out.  In the car on the way home, I glance back and she's hogging BOTH toys!  Izzy didn't fuss, and she claimed them to be her own.  So about a week later Mark and Goo are at Wal Mart and apparently they had the rest of the collection there.  She being the hog she is LOL, dove at the shelf with arms outstretched and grabbed all the Gabba's!  She has to have them with her EVERYWHERE now!  I mean even when we go back to Wal Mart  we have to get them tagged at the door because she wont leave them in the cart... and they thought we were trying to steal them the first time she brought one along for a trip.  Ugh!  She's so cute though... arms stuffed so full she can barely see over them to walk.  Nothing stops her though LOL.  So anyway I'm neglecting Monica aren't I?!  I'm lost in LO land LOL. 

If you spend $15 in her store... you get this KICK ASS kit {Strange Days} or as we call it, {Nutsac Paradise} TOTALLY FREE!  ISN'T THAT AWESOME!?   You should definitely go check out her store, she's got a ton of new stuff!  Here's just a couple of examples:RaBB 

This is Rock-A-Bye Baby, a kit made special for Bec (a fellow CT) who just had a new baby son!  She requested a baby kit that wasn't commercially "cutesy" THANK GOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE LIKE THAT!!!  Thanks Bec LOL!  Anyway, here's a LO I had a goof with...Goosanimalcrackers

LOL, I love how the worst pics can become such fun memories! 

I also HAVE to show you Nameless!  It was part of Grab Bag #2 and I just totally loved it!

I made a LO of Izzy's first day of Preschool with it!First-Day

Man I can't believe how big he is getting!!!  Speaking of... I best get my butt moving and get him up!  You better get your butt moving and get shopping LOL!  Have a great day!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's get this blog kickin' again!

Well, let's try this whole "I'm back" thing again LOL!  I have tried to blog... I've had good intentions... but it just hasn't happened!  O-well, let's see if we can slowly start to catch up.  I'll go for shorter posts more often now, how does that sound LOL.  After that last one I probably could've taken another month to myself... it was friggin' HUGE!  I have so much stuff piled up from the past few weeks to show you that I think I'll prob just keep things scrap related today.  I'm still not to chatty about home and family at this point.  Been a really hard month.  Anyway... on with the fun stuff!  This is a BIG week for Kim, so much going on with her!  First this week she hit 1 MILLION HITS on her blog!  How awesome is that!?  She was so grateful and appreciative of all of her fans that she did what she does best... she went above and beyond with her generosity and made a gorgeous freebie kit for you as a thank you!  Just click HERE and go to her posts for October 27th & 28 to get part 1 and part 2 of her gift! 

Now in those FREEBIES you will find a special coupon gift extra for you to use today (Wednesday) on top of the 45% SALE (read more about that down just a little further lol)- so don't miss it ;-) *just a note,  this coupon will not work on the GRAB BAGS*- and OMG yes I said BAGS!!!  She's going crazy again LOLOL.  Remember how hard we partied on her anniversary?!  Well get ready because starting today we're having Kim's BIRTHDAY BASH!!!  This woman LOVES TO CELEBRATE!  One of the things about her that I LOVE and why I love to be around her!!  She's so full of life and happiness that she makes me feel better even when she's telling me to get off my ass and get to WORK :D!  LOL!  Starting Wednesday October 29th and going through Tuesday November 4th,  she's having a giant 45% off sale of her entire store!  BUT keep an eye on her blog because as we all know Kim... she'll be loading us up on all kinds of goodies to keep the party going! 

I've got some previews of the Grab Bags she's made for the BIRTHDAY BASH too, let me show ya!

First up is the CU Bag:CU Bag

I am no designer, but I swear to you her Commercial Use products compare to no other!  She is awesome and her work is such amazing quality!  I have so much fun every month when Grab Bag time rolls around, just because I'm not a designer doesn't mean I can't play like one right?!  Oh and a little birdie told me that Kim just might have a CU freebie on her BLOG today just for you! ;) 

Next up is the Personal Use Bag:Personal Use Bag

This is just beautiful this month as well, she has really outdone herself I'm telling you!

As she likes to do, she offers you an even BIGGER value if you want BOTH bags... She puts it all together in an awesome bundle!Birthday Bundle

How can you beat that?  Save a buck AND get a 30 PAGE BRAG BOOK made by her killer CT (not biased at all I swear!) for FREE!  Told ya she rocks!!  I have a few LOs to show you from the Grab Bag goodies... but since it's been so long since I've blogged, I was thinking that I'll show you her kit that came out LAST week and a few LOs I've made with goodies from that kit and another instead!  THEN tomorrow I'll be back and show off my Grab Bag LOs :D  Keep you in suspense... I'm just mean huh!?!  

This is a LO made from her latest released kit called Loryn, one that I loved and will definitely be going back to again and again!  This isn't a typical me LO, but at the time it's what I had in me and what I needed to scrap about...Pray

I love those colors together!  Seriously just an awesome kit... one of my new favs.  Just Because still is reigning champ for me though LOL... LOVE that kit!

I also stole some pics of my friend Crystal's baby girl Stella and scrapped her a couple of times lately :D  Crystal swears she can't extract... I don't believe her (she's awesome at everything!) so I happily snuck in, jacked her baby pics, and had some fun with Stella!  The first one I did was with Kim and Bunny's collab I Believe:


Wheeee I love that one, it was so much fun!  I have another that I'll show you next time too.. in that one you get to actually see this little cutie's AMAZING chubby cheeks LOL.  She's such a doll!

Ok, I think I'm going to call it quits now and not overload you again!  I have so much to get caught up with on here too LOL.  Oh!  One more thing that I do want to mention before I get out of here though... This week is MY week to host the weekly CT Challenge on the Sugarplum Paperie Blog!!!  WOOOO HOOOOO!  What a blast!  You should totally come over and play with us!  I tried to make it a fun one... kind of a "scrap what scares the bejezus out of you!" challenge LOLOL!  Read about it and play along HERE!  This was my entry for the challenge ;)Eeek!

LOL, the story behind the LO is a good one... that's also on the SP blog if you want something to laugh at me about LOL!  Look at Goo too, that poor kid is so much like me it's scary in itself!  She gets more like me everyday too... which totally tells me in a few years I'll be completely screwed because I was/ STILL AM a brat LOLOL!  Between you and me though... I love it because there's not much of a girly girl inside this nut writing to you!  If I had to fake that again it would probably kill me!  I still have VIVID memories of trying to play Barbie's with Lexi (when she was about 4) just to have her pat me on the shoulder with a serious face and say "It's OK Nettie, you tried your best!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Thank God for her that her Mom is just as girly as she is LOL, she'd be one bummed out kid if she wasn't!!!  Ok, that's it for me for real this time!  Hope you all have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One long post, and a very sad update

Talk about taking forever to post huh?!  Ugh, it has just been one thing after another... and not the good variety unfortunately.  We've gone from minor things to MAJOR things and it just keeps getting worse it seems.  Hopefully things will calm down soon.  I feel so frazzled, and I can't get a grip on anything.  I have about 50 projects started and nothing completed to show for it it feels.   I'm STILL friggin sick, I can't kick it.  Then Izzy had fevers and ear aches (which is NOT normal for him at all!) at the beginning of the week and couldn't go to school until Thursday this week!  I feel so bad for him.  He loves to go, gets in the routine of it, then gets sick again.  Then it's hard to get him to want to go again when he's better.  He needs a good routine for a few weeks without it changing.  He'll be such a happy skwerl tonight though, because today is "Male Involvement Day" and Daddy is spending the day in class with him!  Last week they hosted a "Milk and Cookies with Dad" event and Daddy went in for that.  It was the end of the day though and he didn't get to spend as much time there.  Apparently Daddy read stories and played the whole time though instead of snacking on his cookies and milk, so the kids loved him. He also said they have named him "Big Daddy" BWHAHAHAHA!!!  SO FUNNY!  He said all of the kids call him that and they all dog pile him and hug him now when he takes Izzy in on the mornings he takes him LOL!!!   Well, actually part of the reality to the story of him playing instead of snacking, is that Izzy was 100% pissed off because instead of cookies they offered donuts!  LOL, he kept whispering to Mark saying "I wanted a cookie, NOT a donut!" and man he griped about it all night long LOL.  Yep, that's my kid.  Pissed over baked goods bad enough it ruins your day!  We were lucky to even get up and get things rolling today so they could get there in time.  Mark did what is turning out to be a habit and driving me crazy again.  The alarm goes off in the morning, and he JUMPS up and turns it off... then goes in the other room to sit and "wake up".  Which means he falls asleep in a chair in front of the TV, meanwhile the kids and I are still sleeping because he turned the alarm off on the first beep!  His defense?  "I didn't want it to wake you guys up."  Umm... yeah.  Isn't that why I set it?????  I NEED it to wake us all up!  LOLOL!  I love how stoooooopid he is when he first wakes up, PRICELESS!  So anyway, I've started setting alarms on my cell phone and keeping that on the headboard so if he does this, at least I have a backup alarm.  Derp!  I shouldn't tease him for being tired though.  One of the things that's been really bad lately is that his Grandma is in the hospital again.  Last Friday they called and told us she wasn't going to make it through the day and to get there fast.  We're really close with her and that whole side of his family.  So naturally we were hysterical, and I stayed home with the kids while he went to see her.  Luckily she stabilized and though she didn't improve, she at least stayed the same all week.  Well then last night while he was at school I got another call from his sister saying he should get to the hospital asap again.  I waited until he got home and told him... then he went back to the hospital to spend some time with her.  He was a wreck, and it's breaking my heart that I can't go with him to see her or even support the rest of the family.  It was too late last night and the kids were already in bed.  So I stayed home with them again and he promised me he'd tell her how much I love her and wanted to be there as well.   When he came home he told me there was still a chance she'd pull through but they wouldn't know until morning, and that's if she even made it until morning.  So sad.  So far today there has been no change.  She is still here though and fighting as hard as she can.  It's so hard to be so sad about something but not show it to the kids.  I don't just mean about that, but everything that has been going on... it lands right in between Izzy and Reagan's birthdays.  Our timing for bad times always sucks.  I've been trying so hard not to let them see how bad things are, and to still stay pumped up and excited about their birthdays with them.  In all honestly I'd love to be able to hide or sleep until the beginning of next year or something LOL.  So Tuesday when things were really gloomy feeling in here, we decided to get them out of the house and play play play at the park.  We had such a good time as always, it's such great therapy LOL.  My favorite part of the day was when Goo noticed her shadow on the ground, and then chased it in circles like a dog or cat does to their tail LOLOL!  OMG I had the biggest laugh attack!!  I only got 2 pics of it though, then the batteries went dead... but it was so cute.  This was right when she started to notice it was moving with her.

I'm gonna get you!

She's so funny.  I got stopped by 2 different moms that day asking how old she is.  They both freaked out that she's as tall as she is.  People just keep freaking out about it LOL.  I know she's tall and all, but she's not like sideshow freak tall is she?!  Of course all of those 24mos and 2T feety jammies I stocked up on last winter are too small before she even had a chance to wear them :(  Ok, she's tall, I admit it!  I still can't believe she's going to be 2 on Sunday :(  So big so fast!  I've been scrapping her like crazy on the days I've actually had any time to scrap.  I've even gone back to baby pics to reminisce.  I have a ton to show you too!  OMG they have kept me busy!  Now where to start!?!

I think we'll start with Megs since I've had these LOs done the longest, which means I have left the pimpin' hanging for her the longest LOL.  Did you hear that she's one of the designers participating in Christina Renee's Block Party 2008?  Super squeee!  We're in the second week already, that's how far behind I am with my blogging.  The first release she had was a gorgeous kit called Sweet Pea.  Here's a preview for you:folder

Oh I loved this one!  It went perfectly with a new pair of jammies Goo has for the chillier nights we have been having.  Here are a few LOs I whipped up with it!Bedhead


One of the other issues I've had lately is that my EHD fried when a transformer blew in town.  The power came on and took that out with it when I plugged it in.  I was greeted with a giant blue spark.  Ugh, I lost everything.  I didn't  have it all backed up yet (procrastinator!)  So I was sad the night it happened, mainly because it was ALL of my scrap stuff, AND personal photos of my kids/family!!! :(  BUT I do believe Goo sensed it because in that bottom LO I used a pic that was from THE BEST photo shoot she has ever given me LOL.  She posed and SMILED and left her eyes open!!!  WOO HOO!  Losing everything just may have been worth it!

So the second week for the block party Megs has released another killer kit... this one is a blast!  It's called Fairytale and it made my extraction senses tingle LOL! Check this baby out!folder

Look at that dragon!!!  OHHHH and she made this adorable freebie to go along with it too!!!!Girly Dragon

Just click on the pic to go and snag her!  It will also take you to her newest new blog LOL.  Yes she did just start a new one not long ago, BUT she just switched to Word Press, so this is a new NEW blog!  Here are some LOs that I've made with Fairytale...



LOL I love the little Izzy running for his life in that last one!  Credit goes to "Moonica" (that's that little cows name too!) for that idea.  At first she insisted that I put a tiny Mark and I running from her... Ok, good idea but after 3 big Goo's, I was done with extracting on this LO!  LOL.  She then insisted that it HAD to at least have an Izzy running from her.  That idea was too funny to pass up on LOLOLOL.  I still laugh like mad when I see him!  When I first turned in the Sleeping Beauty LO (first LO)   to Megs, she said she liked it but was sad that I hadn't turned Izzy into a princess on it.  I said I had one better for her and offered to scrap "Nipples" for her. Nipples is a guy (if you want to call him that LOL) from the Adam Sandler movie  Little Nicky.  One of the funniest parts of the entire movie if you ask me.  Megs has always agreed, and the two of us call each other Nipples on occasion to be smartasses.  Anyway, she might have thought I was kidding and said it'd be great as long as I titled it with his best quote in the movie.  I doubt she thought I was kidding though, she does know me pretty damn well now and knows what a goof I am.  So, I needed a laugh that night and with her blessing I put aside my projects I SHOULD have been working on for a half hour or so and made her this...Nipples

I wonder if she'll kick my ass for posting it LOL.  I told her I should upload it... it'd totally sell the kit don'tcha think?  LOLOL... damn Nipples is hot!

Ok so those were 2 new kits from Megs, can you believe she even released another new one since I posted last!  Speedy talented skwerl!!!  She is so fast I haven't even finished a page with it!  In my defense though, I had started a cool one of Izzy on his bike with it but... you guessed it, it was on my EHD and is now gone :(  I will definitely be recreating it though, it was awesome.  The kit I'm referring to is the sequel to one of my favorites Dusk till Dawn.  It's Dawn till Dusk, a kit on the reverse side... all about the morning and morning colors!  Here's a peek at the preview...DTD full kit

Isn't it beautiful?!  I can't wait to get back into that baby!  This is another kit she has an amazing freebie on her new blog for.  Look at this kit DTD freebie

Just click on it to head on over to her new blog to get it!  I used one of the papers from this as my background on that "Goo and the Beanstalk" LO above!  LOVE all of this stuff, she is just amazing!!!!


Wow, so that was all just Studio Flergs stuff!  This is going to be the longest post in history.  It's what I get for waiting for so long to post.  I have so much to update on links and everything too!  For example, Monica started a new blog too!  I have to change where I link to her!!!  She can now be found at  You should go check it out!  Don't forget to subscribe to her new newsletter too!!  She's had a few awesome new releases too, in fact she's also so fast I couldn't keep up with her!  Part of that is to blame on the EHD failure again... other part to blame is (YES MON I'M STILL BITCHING ABOUT IT!) that she didn't tell me the products went into the store LOL!  So here I sat with almost finished and finished LOs just waiting on her... and then I come across forum posts at DST talking about her new grab bag... and others talking about her new Halloween collab and I got all GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  on her LOL.  She does it on purpose I think.  I think she LOVES to get yelled at, especially in public.  So my Grab bag LO isn't done... but I can still hook you up with it LOL.  If you click on the image, it will take you to the product in store... which will also give you the option to click through product images and get an early reveal before you buy!  She's such a sneaky skwerl!  studio mgl grab bag

This bag is HUGE as always in true Monica form.  There's even a FULL kit inside.  The color swatch along the bottom there is the palette for it!  Gorgeous!  I'll post my LO when I finish to show you!

She also just released what I think is the BEST Halloween collab ever!  It's with Franziska Altmann so you know it has to be hot!  Feast your eyes on this baby!DEADLY!!!!!! :D

It's so fun!!!  It's not all sickly cutesy and crap either!!!  YAY!  I dove into this before Ziska even had a chance to make her part I think... so this LO is all Monica.  Unfortunately the one I made that was mostly Ziska's stuff was on the EHD too :(  It was awesome too, boy it really bums me out.  Anyway I will get that recreated as well and show you when I do.  It was all newborn pics of Goo, since she was born in October I have a bunch of Halloweenie newborn pics :D.    I did a scaredy cat LO of her with my first LO, luckily the day I saved this one I was lazy and it ended up on my C drive LOL.  I had a lazy habit of doing that sometimes... so I still have a few LO PSD's laying around!!!  Scaredy-Cat

Hi, my name is Jeannette... and I have an extraction problem.  LOLOL OK!  I admit it!  but I love it!  I see pics like the one above and I think of all kinds of funky places I can put them!  This was a pic of her playing in her play pen.  I stood above her and took the shot.  That's why her hair looks so weird LOL.  It was in a high pony tail up on her head.  I admit that it really doesn't make any sense... but I loved it and it was fun to make!  Plus Teh Monzorz got a kick out of it too so hey bonus!  Good to keep your keeper happy ;)

So a few weeks ago on Nicole's CT forum one of the girls asked her if she'd be planning a Halloween kit.  She replied that she'd been considering a color palette that was Halloweenish in color... but definitely not a theme kit.  She then posted a color palette that made my knees weak!!!  OMG I loved it.  I whined and whined for it too LOL.  So this week I had my wishes granted and was handed this GORGEOUS kit to play with.  I give you Midnight Garden Party!I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS!

WOWZA!!!  Love it love it love it love it I LOVE IT!  Here's a page of Daddy and Goo that I made immediately with it :DDaddy

THEN... she had to go and make a Pumpkin Patch freebie to go with it!!!pumpkin_patch

FREEBIE!!!  Click on pic to go get yours!  So... after seeing this I had to jump back in and make another LO!!  I remembered these awesome pics my friend Marci took of Maelle last year in a pumkin patch.  She was sitting on bright orange pumpkins... and she was wearing a cream sweater that had buttons on it that match perfectly with the other half of the kit!  I'm so freakin anal, everything HAS to match when I scrap LOLOL!  Here's the LO, but shhhh I haven't mailed it to Marci yet and she'll beat my ass for not showing her first LOL!  (If you see this before I do, I swear I'm doing it!)That-one!

OOOh I wub her!  Love looking at the pics from last year.  I can't believe our girls are 2 already :(  Maelle turned 2 at the end of September, and Reagan is 2 Sunday!!!!  2!  HOW did that happen so fast?!  Man... so big!


Ok so there's a few LO updates!  I have finally gotten some of those caught up.  I've left Kim hanging though... but unfortunately there she had an EHD failure right before I did too, she she totally understands!!!  She graciously handed me anything I want to get my stash back though.  I just haven't gotten a chance to download anything yet.  So I haven't scrapped with her designs lately :(  I hate that I haven't, I love her so much LOL.  As soon as I get some things back in my stash (limited room sucks, I miss my EHD :(!!!! )  I will make some pages for her to share with you!  I was starting to feel in over my head with LOs lately, so I took on a new role at SUN to ease up on that a bit.  I started to do the quality checking there on products in store.  I for some reason LOVE to do that LOL.  I love it so much that after taking SUN on I joined up with Amy Sumrall's CT and Moon Scraps CT to be their quality checker too!  Wheeee!  The downside of it is that since I've joined on we've had so many personal issues I've been as MIA from them as I have been from my blog and everything else.  Plus it's had to QC something that was deleted from your EHD!!!  Sick of hearing me whine about that yet?  I think I'm sick of saying it LOL.   Seriously though, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful all of my designers are!!!  They really are the most supportive and generous women I've ever met in my entire life!  Mon went immediately to SUN and reset all of my links so I could re download what I needed to get back.  All of the girls pretty much handed me their stores on a platter (Nicole called it a "Sugarplum Buffet" LOLOL!  I wont tell you what Megs called me though!!  Hee hee!   I felt like such a schmuck though, almost like I was stealing... even though it was stuff I already had!  I just don't ever want to make them think I'm the "gimme gimme, and gimme free" type.  Bleh, that just makes me sick when people are like that to designers.  I don't think the people like that have the first clue how hard they really work.  They're amazing.  Most of the stores that I have purchased from in the past I emailed to see if I could get my links reset.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful they were too!!!  Tracy Ann (TADA) seriously went above and beyond to help me.  She even re uploaded past Lucky Dips to her server just for me.  I feel so guilty that my stupid mistake is putting so much more work on her back though :(  With her owning the store herself, she's the only one to do it all... that has to be so hard and so time consuming!  So sweet of her and I can't thank her enough!  Oh and Sherrie Piegdon aka Pixel Gypsy is awesome too!!!  She keeps your links active FOREVER!  They never expire!  I didn't have to do anything to get all that I've bought from her back... WOO HOO!!  How awesome is that?  Almost as awesome as her designs LOL!  I had to contact so many stores, and all but a few emailed me back and we're so amazing and helpful it just meant the world to me!  I was surprised that they contacted me so fast, so awesome!  There are a few that shocked me because they didn't even reply to my emails.  I get it if they can't reset the links, I totally understand... I mean all of this was my own STUPID STUPID fault and they don't owe me a thing.  I just think it's kind of sad they can't even email a customer back and say they can't or wont.  It's not like it's only been a day and I'm impatient.  A lot have been well over a week, and that just really surprises me!  O-well, my fault like  I said!  Now I know to back up immediately... and also who to keep shopping and buying from LOLOL!



Ok, so I started this post on Friday afternoon, but didn't finish it until now (Saturday).   I  was typing when Mark and Izzy came home from school, and then the phone rang.  We got another bad call from the hospital, this time the worst.  They told Mark if he wanted to say goodbye to Nani that he needed to come down there right away because they were going to take her off of life support.  He told me they said she was already brain dead and it was her time to go.  So he rushed out the door and hurried to the hospital.  He called me after about a half hour to let me know he got to talk to her and say goodbye for both of us.  About another half hour later he called me back to let me know she was gone.  She passed away around 5:50pm on Friday.  I hate that I wasn't able to say goodbye to her myself.  I love her so much, she was the most amazing person.  She has always made me feel like I belong here and like I was part of the family from the moment I met her.  She's had a few rough years now, and I'm so thankful that she's not suffering and in pain anymore... but she is leaving behind so many of us that are just beyond heart broken.  She definitely changed my life and I will miss her more than I can say. 

I really want to say thank you to all of you who have been so supportive while she's been in the hospital and for all of your prayers and wishes.  I can't thank you enough, and I appreciate your kind words and shoulders to lean on so much.  Well that's about all the puter time I can handle for now.  I think I need a little time away.  I will be back soon and until then, have fun!  Thank you all again.